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Can it actually be May 25 tomorrow? 

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Cool prank ideas: during a radio show call-in call NPR and talk about your stance on global warming but just keep talking and don’t take a breath and make it really uncomfortable for the host to tell you they need to move on to the next caller

C’mon, am I supposed to believe every shitty lyric song uploaded to YouTube is HD quality?

I got two plant friends today and I named the Juanita and Juan

I got two plant friends today and I named the Juanita and Juan

I really hope Martin Scorsese hosts a coping with anger management video so it can be called Malice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Guys who think treating girls like shit is how to win their hearts are idiots. Aka my roommates. They were talking about girls and I stood up and said “I’ve had enough of this conversation” because they are gross. I’m going to go buy a plant friend now

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Thank you, Tess, Mucho gracias 

I think my true calling is being a rock historian or a music journalist or something along those lines because nothing gets me more excited than finding out a cool fact about music. I love when I like an album and I google it and I find out a little nugget of info about how the song was recorded and it just totally changes everything I know about the song or I learn something about an artist and it’s like whoah that is super interesting. I have a very bad habit of ruining songs for everyone because I talk over them and shell out little factoids about the song 

I don’t understand what all this musical elitism about Coachella is about. “I bet you’re going to see the headliners and aren’t even interested in the acts you need a magnifying glass to see on the poster that I saw at a show in my cousin’s basement in 2009.” Like fuck off. All that is required for people to go to Coachella is money and resources. You aren’t required to sign a list that promises you will buy the 45 of the most esoteric band there to play on your Crosley record player and that if you mention them to a friend you cannot be let back into the festival. Quit being so stuck up. 

Tv dinner by the pool
Watch your brother grow a beard
Got another year of school
You’re okay, he’s too weird

Hi I’m Alex and sometimes I am cute

Hi I’m Alex and sometimes I am cute